Middle Eastern Film Festival NYC (MEFFNYC)
Middle Eastern Film Festival NYC (MEFFNYC) from Media Space NYC uses cinema to build communcation


The Middle Eastern Film Festival New York City (MEFFNYC) of short and feature films tackles Middle East-related topics and offers a great cinematic experience through original comedic and dramatic motion pictures curated by Media Space NYC. Media Space NYC has the goal of building communication for artists and entrepreneurs. It is an outgrowth and new medium incarnation of the very successful Noor Play Festival.


MEFFNYC's mission, as the aim of its producing company Media Space NYC and its building communication direction suggests, is to enlighten savvy moviegoers about the Middle East while entertaining them.


The "building" in "building communication" is a double entendre as it not only denotes increasing clarity in relationships but it also means a physical brick and mortar building with screening room, live theater and digital communication education facilities currently in development which when completed will ultimately be the annual home of MEFFNYC and other global and national projects.


The unique criteria for a film to be selected for MEFFNYC (besides of course its artistic and social merits) is that at least one of the characters in it should be from the Middle East. However, filmmakers, actors, directors, talent, technical crew- and above all, audiences - don’t have to be Middle Eastern at all! Submit film.


MEFFNYC themes embrace a wide geographical area including: Iran, Afghanistan, Israel, Pakistan and all the Arab countries. Film submissions are accepted on an ongoing basis and those not selected for this year - September 2011 - will be considered for subsequent years.


Talent and technical crew, volunteers, sponsors, donors, and all kinds of support are welcome. The producers would also love to hear from you with your ideas.

Designed by Media Space NYC, Building Communication for Artists & Entrepreneurs